2015 - 2016

We are what we are thanks to our team.
We're motivated by nothing but our passions,
and are doing our best to be the change we want to see in the world.

Fares Alaboud


Josh Simpson

Vice President

Mustafa Al-Bassam


Mark Ormesher


Daniel Baryshnikov

Happy Go Lucky

Alicia Beylan

Social Media Fairy

Maria Vrabie

FinTech Expert

Phil Efstathiou

Web Design Guru

Philéas Hocquard

Committee Member

Jana Hogstrand

Pokémon Trainer

Ana Jalbă

Committee Member

Clarence Ji

Design Master

George Raduta

Committe Member

Ran Rana

Communications Lead

Alex Telek

Apple Genius

Dr. Andrew Coles

The Godfather


The Future Committee Member

KCLTech Hall of Fame

Past Team Members (2013 - 2015)